Why Coco’s Products?

At Coco’s HCG, we are very proud to carry four phenomenal products that can assist you in achieving and maintaining your desired weight loss, as well as improved health, wellbeing, and lifestyle. At the cornerstone of Coco’s very effective product line are two unique HCG supplements. Although distinctly different in formulation, Coco’s Elite HCG is designed to provide you with maximum support to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals. Additionally, Coco’s provides you with a pair of industry leading appetite and craving suppressants, Control 10x and Health ZZZZ. Each offers exceptional mechanisms of action and delivery; an herbal blend in sublingual drops and an encapsulated blend of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. All our products are manufactured to the strictest of standards and designed for your success.

As you can now see, Coco’s Elite HCG, 10X, and Health ZZZZ are formulated with a dynamic combination of ingredients to give you an edge in achieving that healthier, more shapely body that you once believed was beyond your reach. Never fear the scale again.

Coco’s Elite HCG
Coco’s Elite HCG incorporates a cutting edge proprietary manufacturing process and ingredient combination that has not been utilized in any other HCG supplement formula. The benchmark process that sets this product apart is known as Biologically Targeted Coherent Energy Signature Technology, or more simply, BTC™. Suffice it to say that the astounding science behind the BTC™ development would make the head of most biochemists, herbalists or formalists spin in amazement.
In Summary:


  • The cornerstone of this BTC™ formula is hydroglycerite (liquid glycerin) which is laser activated and oxygen enriched to form the BTC™ Energy Blank.
  • The BTC™ Energy Blank is used as the medium, carrier, and template to which all the active ingredients are layered and imbedded.
  • Alcohol-free, and provides a very pleasant sweet taste to the drops.
  • Kosher, Halal, and Vegan compliant in purity.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

  • Biocompatible digital fingerprint of HCG equivalent to the highest concentration of pharmaceutical grade HCG available without a prescription.
  • As much as 1000 times that of competitors.



  • A proprietary nano-technology colloidal iodine.
  • Utilized to help maintain healthy thyroid function.
  • Stabilize metabolism and assist in preventing fat accumulation.



  • An herb found in the tropical forests of India.
  • Reduces sugar “cravings”!
  • Helps to lower levels of blood sugar and cholesterol.


Botanical Blend

  • A proprietary liquid blend of peppermint, hoodia, and essential plant extracts to provide additional appetite suppression.

Health ZZZZ

Health ZZZZ is a tremendous tool for your success both during your HCG Diet protocol and AFTER completion in order to help you maintain the new you. The unique combination of ingredients in Health ZZZZ focuses on two key areas: Healthy brain chemistry and added nutritional support. Additionally, because of its impact on serotonin / melatonin in the brain, you can experience greatly improved sleep quality!

Healthy Brain Chemistry
Health ZZZZ was formulated with the goal of fat loss in mind.  Food is not our enemy, eating too much food is.  This is because our brains are getting mixed signals.  So, in essence, the key to your weight control is the brain. The goal of HCG is to reset the Hypothalamus, also known as “the brain’s brain”.  After a proper cycle of the HCG drops, the “switch” in the Hypothalamus is reset.
Most people eat too much food because their brain is deceiving them.

Here is a classic example of this deception. In order to sleep, your body needs Melatonin which it gets by converting Serotonin to Melatonin.  If your body doesn’t have enough Serotonin, then you will crave junk food carbohydrates in order to spike your Serotonin levels, so that your body will have enough Melatonin to sleep. Therefore, brain chemistry has a direct link to obesity.
If you can get your brain chemistry right, then your obesity struggle will be much easier.  If you have proper Serotonin levels, you will find yourself looking down at that bag of M&M’s and saying to yourself “I don’t want to eat that”.  You are no longer addicted and your brain is no longer deceiving you.

Added Nutritional Support
A major concern while on the HCG diet is nutritional support. Even though the fat that you are burning does contain some vitamins and nutrients, adequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals can be difficult to get on only 500 calories a day.  Health ZZZZ contains a special blend that is a perfect adjunct for people on HCG that need extra dietary support.  
Let me share with you just some of the nutrients you will find in this amazing product that address these critical aspects of your new healthful lifestyle.


  • Required to convert proteins into Serotonin, a neurotransmitter used by the brain to assist with proper brain function.
  • Recommended by doctors to reduce cravings naturally.
  • Improves mood, energy, and sleep.  
  • Helps to balance hormone levels in both men and women.


  • Plays an important role in brain chemistry as a component that make 5-HTP more absorbable by the brain.  
  • Shown to increase the body’s absorption of HCG.
  • The human body does not store Zinc.
  • Patented “BioSend” technology makes Zinc more readily absorbable at the cellular level.  
  • With improved Zinc levels, more HCG will be available to promote your weight loss.

Vitamins B6 & B12

  • Helps convert proteins, carbohydrates, and fat into energy.
  • Support healthy brain function.
  • Promote hair growth.


  • Helps carry fatty acids into cells where it can be converted into energy.
  • Helps the heart function more efficiently.
  • Helps lower triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Helps elevate HDL (good) cholesterol.


  • Helps strengthen muscle, nerve and bone tissues.
  • Helps reduce constipation which HCG dieters can experience.

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